Victor Studio

Our mission is to blaze new trails to a more inspired, joyful and purposeful future.

There are many aspects to developing creative work, many ways to explore the aspirations and ingenuity that inhabit our inner minds. Victor Studio offers a variety of services to assist aspiring artists, fun-lovers and working professionals in developing creativity and problem-solving skills.

We believe that creativity, integrity and craft are not merely recreational pastimes.
They’re essential to health, well-being, and pretty much all of human progress.

As a working creative studio, we make art, build things, and figure out novel solutions to complex problems. In addition to making things, we work with individuals and organizations to develop creative skills, deepen professional practice, and cultivate breakthrough mindsets.

As creativity facilitators and practitioner consultants, we provide workshops and offsite retreats for individuals and groups to get inspired, unlock creativity, learn new skills, and do great work. As design and tech consultants, we help clients clarify their vision and roadmaps, develop high-performing teams, build practice maturity, and deliver optimal systems designs. We can help your organization solve real world creative challenges through skilled leadership and facilitation. We offer both process-oriented (alignment, teambuilding) and goal-oriented (strategic planning) workshops.

Fun fact: The word “inspire” originally meant to imbue one’s mind with spirit and wisdom. Many believed it literally meant to be filled with the breath of God(s).

We invite you to make more space in your life for your own creative inspirations. As we keep our minds and eyes open, we invite the divine breath of life to fill us with new ideas, to brighten our journeys, to clarify our goals, and to unfold our life’s path step by step.

May you have more inspired, joyful journeys in the new year.

Patricia Colley
Chief Creative Instigator