Why is this blaugh, anyway?

I’ve had many ups & downs on my own wayward path toward creative nirvana.

One thing I’ve learned: The greatest barrier to creative fulfillment is our own self-doubt. Those who fail to challenge their own limiting beliefs are bound to go in circles.

It’s a recurring theme in my personal and professional growth, but writing about it is a new adventure for me. Fair warning, as a nonlinear thinker who got C’s in writing class, this blaugh may end up reading more like James Joyce than Dale Carnegie. I’m taking a calculated risk. A leap of faith.

I’ll do my best to keep it interesting.

I expect I have about three categories of blaughs somewhere in the depths of my mind.

  1. Sharing ideas to expand imagination, awareness, and creative resilience.
  2. Sharing lessons learned from my career(s) in design, so that those who come after may become better designers, and better advocates for quality of design for humans.
  3. Sharing some of my personal experiences, to invite you, dear reader, along my own journey of creative self-discovery.

For starters, here are a few of my core beliefs about art and creativity.

  • The aesthetics of our lived environment affect us all, in subtle and profound ways
  • Art plays a vital role in personal growth, interpersonal connections, and mental health
  • People are happier and more at peace when they express themselves through creativity
  • Observers of art are active collaborators who amplify and enhance the work
  • Art is a state of being and doing, not a work product; art does not have to be art
  • Creative work is not mere play, it activates vitality, inspiration, empathy and joy
  • All forms of art arise from the same creative source, which lives in every human heart
  • Being deprived the right to creative self expression is an existential threat.

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