Elemental Art Works

Trinkets from the celestial dreamworld

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Pages from the sketchbook

Hepburn Eyes 2021
Self-portrait with Mammaw’s Silver Chalice
Into the Void ~2018
Holy Water Hydrant ~1990

the occasional painting

Red Pear, 45 minute sketch, oil on canvas ~2016

early drawings & sketches

Live model drawing, 10 minute pose ~1987
“Mother” 5 step morphing cycle art assignment ~1986, before the age of digital filters
10 minute live sketch – Reed, high on drugs, getting a haircut. Center Point, TX ~1983.
Spontaneous automatic drawing ~1983.

early paintings

“Moonrise” high school art assignment – monochrome painting ~1977 (age 16)
My first painting ~1969, age 8

Made with leftover paint from my paint-by-numbers kits on an 8×10 canvas panel donated by my older sister.
Messed up the blue flower field, so it got a hasty Van Gogh makeover. Fell back on line art on the hard parts.. I’m still surprised at how well the tree & clouds came out.
Craft & Construction