Technical Illustrations

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I worked in the Marketing Department at SAS Shoes, but somehow our product engineers figured out that I could make VERY accurate scale drawings in Illustrator. They started giving me little art projects where I had to match their exact specifications, from the tread size and patterns to the exact curves and grooves. I worked on several sole designs, providing iterations of tread patterns that they could test with prototypes. These were actually used in production! I got lots of little projects, like producing artwork for this purse medallion:

Another example of a technical drawing for SAS engineers. This one was for a purse medallion.


Technical Drawing – Home Medical Equipment for a client B&W print ad
Illustrations had to match each item’s appearance sufficiently to recognize the product
technical ink drawing – customer logo – rapidograph pen & ink on artboard

Before the desktop publishing revolution, we had Crescent boards and Rapidograph pens.

These drawings had to be VERY mathematically precise and sharp for stat camera reproduction.
They’ve darkened with age, but the touch ups you see would have been invisible to the camera.
The blue lines were also invisible to the camera.
Another technical pen & ink drawing – letterforms – rapidograph on artboard

Herweck’s Art Supplies single-column newspaper ad\