Life in balance through health and wellness services

Wellness services tailored to your health goals

We help clients assess where they are in their current state of health, in order to make the most practical and effective treatment plan to increase comfort, agility and vitality. Specific areas of focus are determined by the client’s own health and fitness goals, their health history & current condition, as well as their primary healthcare provider’s guidance.

Our services include:

  • Therapeutic relaxation massage to reduce stress & soothe body and mind
  • Focused structural work to relieve problem areas of tension, pain or limited function
  • Orthopedic treatment of specific chronic pain or injury sites, as medically appropriate
  • Partnership with your healthcare team to reduce the impact of aging, illness or trauma
  • Improvements in flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone and body balance
  • Improve body awareness and self-care options to assist in developing healthy habits
  • Additional specialized services, tools and techniques tailored to your personal goals

How we deliver our services:

  • Table massage at my office
  • Chair massage on-site at public events or your workplace
  • Mobile massage – chair or table massage at your location

Contact Us

Patricia Colley, LMT
206-949-8974 mobile
TX License # MT135106

Terms of Service

  • Payments are due at time of service. We do not currently accept insurance.
  • A 24 hour notice for scheduled services is required to avoid full billing.
    Reasonable exceptions will be made at our discretion.
  • We follow standard CDC COVID guidelines.
    Please tell us if you are at high risk so that we can discuss additional precautions.
  • Please discuss any special needs you may have prior to your requested date of service.

Legal definition & boundaries of therapeutic bodywork

Texas’ legal definition of therapeutic massage

We provide a wide range of therapeutic bodywork services for stress reduction, relief from muscular tension or spasm, and for increasing circulation & energy flow. We are licensed to perform soft tissue manipulation using a variety of tools and techniques for improved physical function, circulation, tone and well-being. We do not perform chiropractic adjustments or any medical treatments beyond our training & scope of license. 

Massage therapists are not doctors

Massage therapy is not intended as a substitute for medical care. We do not diagnose illness, disease, or any physical or mental disorder. We do not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. We may offer health, wellness and lifestyle advice as an educational service. Any wellness information provided is to be used at the client’s discretion, and under the guidance and advice of their primary doctor or healthcare team. 

Boundaries, safety & professional dignity

We do not provide any sexual services. It’s against the law and against our code of ethics. Sexual hints, “jokes” or physical advances will not be tolerated. If we terminate service due to harassment, you will pay for the full session and exit the premises immediately. Overt sexual harassment or assault will be reported to the police. Soliciting prostitution is a felony in Texas.

Dignity and safety go both ways. We ask our clients to communicate honestly and directly if they’re ever uncomfortable with any aspect of the care they receive, or if they’re dealing with a crisis situation, so that we may refer them to the appropriate healthcare providers.

As licensed public health providers, massage therapists are also ethically & legally bound to report suspicious abuse or human trafficking activities.