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Rethinking the Future

We’re launching a new series of classes, Rethinking the Future, exploring how we can live more efficiently and sustainably for the good of all.

Our world is undergoing great change and upheaval. But there is opportunity in the chaos. A chance for us to reimagine our future; a future worth building.  

Whatever future we build, we’ll need to rethink our homes and communities. Now is the perfect time for builders, civic leaders and citizens to start having deeper, more impactful conversations. How will we deal with the housing and energy challenges we face today, as individuals and collectively? I believe answering this question is a critical next step in redefining our future. And I believe the groundswell is already happening.

And the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. So, we’ll start by taking stock of where we are, and identify what each of us can do today to live more sustainably.

The first four events in the series are described below.

Take Charge of your Energy Bills – For Good!
December 12th, 2023 @ 7-8 pm CST via Zoom

Learn the state of our energy grids today, where energy comes from, where it goes, how it’s wasted. Discover simple ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Explore new strategies to live more sustainably in the future.

What we’ll cover in this course:

  • Surprising facts about where energy comes from, where it goes, where it’s wasted
  • Rooting out hidden “Energy Vampires” lurking in your home and in your digital life
  • Easy changes you can make today to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint
  • An introduction to green building strategies to inspire more ideas for sustainable living
  • Q&A and Group Chat – Share experiences, breakdowns and successes
  • Attendees will receive PDFs with references, product recommendations, tips to get started

Cost is $25 for this 1 hour lecture. 
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Rethinking the Future Series – Upcoming Events

The Hidden Costs of our Obsession with Technology
Understanding how our tech-driven lifestyles impact our energy grids and the environment.
Identifying simple, intentional actions to reduce our wasteful habits.

The Simple Guide to Digital Safety, Privacy and Security
Understanding online vulnerabilities. Taking stock of your personal threat model and using it to reshape your online presence. Making purposeful choices about how you use technology.

The Elements of Sustainable Homebuilding
An overview of energy-efficient and resilient building technologies and techniques, for anyone who wants to explore their options for building or renovating a more sustainable home.

The Simple Guide to Alternative and Renewable Energy
A basic overview of the current state of alternative and renewable energies,. We’ll look at the state of the industry today, plus fascinating examples of little-known energy innovations.

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